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Overhead Track Scale

Cardinal’s American-made stainless steel track scale is designed for weighing products being transported by an overhead track system, making it ideal for industries such as storage warehouses, produce and meat packing plants, or any other manufacturing process utilizing this method. Rugged construction ensures years of trouble-free use, and non-corrosive stainless steel makes for easy cleaning. Installation is equally simple, requiring only to secure the solid-mount assembly to the rail with four bolts. With a 2,000 lb capacity and three rail lengths to choose from (24, 30, and 50-foot) this scale gets any overhead track weighing job done. Hook and pulley not included. NTEP legal-for-trade certified.

2,000-lb Capacity
Made in USA Quality
NTEP Legal for Trade
3 Track Lengths to Choose From
Solid-Mount Load Cell Assembly
Stainless Steel Enclosure
Stainless Steel Load Cells
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