Project Analyzation

Project Analyzation consists of making recommendations, providing cost estimates and suggesting applications to achieve the best solution with maximum benefit and cost savings.

Repair Service

Our repair services consist of one or more of the following: inspecting, testing, troubleshooting, rebuilding, repairing, calibrating and maintenance recommendations.


We have a well-equipped rental fleet of large and small equipment including an 11X70 Truck Scale. We deliver, install and set up per customer’s requirements.

Belt Scales

We have experience in successful conveyor belt applications including installation, testing and repair. We are multi-state certified to place belt scales in service. Let us help you with your belt scale needs whether it’s a plant-level application or multiple certified conveyor belt systems.

Relocation Service

Using our relocation service, we can help you find used equipment and provide turn-key re-installation.

Specialty Services

We help our customers solve scale and material weighing problems by providing commodity recording systems, computer hardware, software, ancillary equipment such as cameras, metal detectors, scale houses, radiation detectors, static and in-motion weighing, etc. We can provide complete above ground and underground scale operations. We want to help you work out your unique weighing issue.

  • We provide service with state-of-the-art equipment to best support our customer’s scale needs.
  • Please check out our weight cart, the newest addition to our certified equipment group.

We are a licensed general contractor. Our service motto is: “From Mail to Rail Call Tuscaloosa Scale.”