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T3530, Dial

DETECTO’s USA-made T3530 series hanging dial scales feature a deep 13.5-in/34-cm diameter removable aluminum bowl with 3 drainage holes and stainless steel scale construction, making them ideal for foodservice or medical weighing use. Protective glass plates cover the 14.5-in/37-cm diameter dials with extra-large readouts visible from both sides. Available in avoirdupois or metric models: 32 lb capacity (10 lb x 1 oz) or 15 kg capacity (5 kg x 1 25 g). Full capacity is reached in 3 revolutions of the dial. Thermolastic springs, unaffected by extreme temperature variations, guarantee long-term accuracy while an air dash pot absorbs shock when loads are dropped on the scale protecting the mechanism and increasing the scale life. Precision machining in the T3530 series hanging scale provides a perfectly-balanced housing, enclosing the entire mechanism.

15-in-diameter Double Dial
Avoirdupois and Metric Models
Easily Read From Either Side
Includes Aluminum Commodity Pan
Made in USA Quality
Multi-Revolution Dial (3 Revolutions)
NTEP Legal for Trade
Protective Glass Plate Over Dial Face
Stainless Steel Enclosure
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